5 Boxing Betting Tips and Strategies

5 Boxing Betting Tips and Strategies

5 Boxing Betting Tips and Strategies

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Boxing has suffered due to the popularity of mixed martial arts (MMA) and the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). What was once the most popular sport today needs to put up intriguing enough competitions across many weight classes. Yet, this does not imply that there are no opportunities to place bets on the sport due to its lower level of popularity.

This article will discuss five of the most effective strategies and concepts that may help you increase your profits from betting on boxing.

What is the best research?

Regardless of the sport, one should always do thorough research when placing a sports bet. What kind of study is ideal for the sport of boxing?

Based on that, newbie bettors will look at the records of the two opponents and place a wager. Yet, this only conveys part of the picture since one must also consider the caliber of opponents encountered. Also, how long has the boxer been boxing in their current weight class?

Suggestions that bettors watch every bout a boxer has fought may seem too much to ask. Yet, today, with fight highlights all over sites like YouTube, it’s easier than one may believe. Analyze these fighters and their opponents, understand their trends, and build your idea on how the battle between them will unfold.

Moreover, some statistics are informative regarding forecasting a match’s decision. There are several methods for determining the number of punches thrown and landed by a boxer. Normally, the more aggressive combatant wins the encounter. Look for statistics on who throws and lands more power punches and jabs.

Compute Implied Probabilities

While looking at boxing odds, the first figures a gambler will see are the moneyline odds for each combatant. The favorite may have odds of -400 or higher if a bout is deemed a mismatch. Even experienced gamblers will find these high odds daunting and not worth the risk.

Before dismissing an expensive moneyline as unworthy or unaffordable, translate the odds into probabilities. With mmabettingtips.com’s implied probability calculator, one can evaluate how a fighter’s moneyline odds correspond to their chances of winning.

A moneyline of -500 indicates that the fighter’s predicted chance of winning the bout is 83.33%. If you believe the boxer is more likely to succeed, betting their moneyline is a solid bet.

If the moneyline is too steep, consider prop bets.
No matter how attractive a money line’s value seems, a large figure will turn off gamblers. Instead of discarding the fight entirely, one might always consider the prop bets offered.

Many prop bets do not seem to “break the bank.” One may bet on the number of rounds the battle will last. Depending on how close the fight is thought to be, one can generally get excellent odds on whether or not the war will reach the distance. For the more popular bouts, one may even wager on whether or not a boxer will be knocked out.

Huge Favorites to Win by KO

Another option to get involved in a bout with a high moneyline is to bet on the big favorite to win by knockout. If a boxer is regarded as a heavy favorite, analyze why the odds are stacked in their favor. Will they win a battle in which a decision heavily favors them, or will they use their superiority to knock their opponent out?

Betting on a boxer to win via knockout will increase the odds since you select a particular action. Fighters with odds of -500 to win outright may have odds of -150 or greater to win via knockout. Even greater rewards are possible if you gamble on the precise round in which the battle will conclude, although this is considerably more difficult to forecast. This brings us to our last point.

Some props are sucker bets

Props with odds of +2000 or higher will entice many gamblers. A prop with a large payoff predicts which round a boxer will win. But, these props have high rewards because they are becoming more difficult to handicap.

Past battles may provide a range of assumptions for how long the fight will go. Nevertheless, there needs to be a precise science for properly forecasting something like the exact round a fight would conclude.

We propose hedging it with many smaller wagers if you must make such a stake. For example, one may wager on their boxer winning in the fourth, fifth, and sixth rounds. They will look at a hefty payoff if any of these eventualities occur. Yet, one should still consider if the danger of these lesser bets is worth previous a safer moneyline bet at higher odds.