A Fantastic Guide to Playing BingoPlus with GCash

A Fantastic Guide To Playing BingoPlus With GCash

A Fantastic Guide to Playing BingoPlus with GCash

BingoPlus is an online e-game platform that PAGCOR has approved. It does this by implementing a reward pot, which allows users to win prizes. You can play the game using the website, the mobile app, or GLife. They also feature other games, such as slot machines and electronic poker, in addition to Bingo.

Yes, they are accredited by PAGCOR, and as a result, they adhere to the stringent gaming criteria required by the law. So, for example, when we wish to play the game, we can see various restrictions, such as user registration and verification, as well as age gating.

What are the steps to registering for BingoPlus?

Creating an account for BingoPlus inside of GLife

One of the requirements is that you cannot have previously registered your mobile phone number with BingoPlus through any other platform. In addition, any GLife accounts created can only be accessed from within GCash, a carefully enforced restriction. This is to ensure that other users cannot play the game under your identity and that children are not allowed to participate. You also need to have your GCash account completely verified.

Setting up an account for BingoPlus in GLife

  1. Click the GLife button on the main page of GCash.
  2. From the GLife page, you can look for BingoPlus directly or click the Play Games button and then click BingoPlus.
  3. Accept the opt-in page and click the Send button on the BingoPlus registration page to get an OTP and finish the registration.
  4. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be able to see the main screen for BingoPlus.

Creating an account with the use of the website or app

You can also make an account by going to the website or downloading the app and following the instructions. You will not, however, be able to access the same account in GLife once you have created an account using either the website or the app.

Making an account on the BingoPlus Website/App

  1. Another option is to download the app or go to the website and create an account there. However, once you create an account using the website or app, you cannot access that account on GLife.
  2. Visit the website or install the app. When the website has loaded, click the Login/Register button at the top.
  3. Register with an email address or a mobile phone number. To activate OTP and complete the registration, click the Send button.
  4. After registering, you can access the game website.

How do I deposit BingoPlus to play?

There are two ways to deposit funds: through GLife and a website or app. The simplest method is to use GLife since you can effortlessly transfer funds because you are already on the GCash platform. Please remember that you must have funds in your GCash wallet to top-up/deposit.

Depositing funds in GLife

  1. Sign in to BingoPlus GLife and select the Deposit option.
  2. Enter the amount you want to deposit and click the confirm button.
  3. You must confirm the payment from the payment page. The top-up is complete after completed.

Using GCash to deposit funds into the website/app

  1. Go to the website/app and click the Account button at the bottom of the screen.
  2. From the Account page, select Deposit.
  3. On the Deposit page, you can select multiple payment methods. Select GCash and the amount you want to deposit. Submit should be clicked.
  4. In the confirmation box, click the “Confirm and Submit” button.
  5. Fill out the GCash webpay form with your GCash number and complete the payment. To authorize the payment, you must enter your OTP and MPIN.
  6. You will be returned to the Account page once you have paid.

How do I make a withdrawal from BingoPlus?

As with deposits, there are two withdrawal methods: via GLife and the website or mobile application. The easiest method is GLife. Even if you choose to withdraw via website or app, you must still complete KYC. Note that withdrawals reduce the monthly GCash limit.

BingoPlus withdrawal in GLife

  1. Click Withdraw on the primary page of BingoPlus.
  2. Select the withdrawal quantity. To continue, click Confirm.
  3. As the Withdrawal is not in real-time, you must wait for the request to be processed. Once complete, you will receive an SMS message.

Withdrawing funds from BingoPlus via the Site or Mobile App.

  1. Just log in to the website/application and select the Account button in the lower-right corner of the screen.
  2. Click Withdrawal from the Account page.
  3. Withdrawing requires connecting your phone, creating a Wallet Password, and completing KYC. If you registered with an email address, you must first connect your phone. Mobile phone registration will require an OTP.
  1. You must configure a six-digit Wallet Password using a separate OTP.
    You must present a genuine ID for review. After review, you will have access to your withdrawal options.
  2. Withdrawal options include GCash, Maya, and a Bank Account. The BingoPlus store option also allows for withdrawals in person. It would be best if you carried a valid ID with you.
  3. You can attach your GCash account to your bank account for withdrawals. You will need to verify using OTP in addition to the Wallet Password you previously specified. You may connect up to five GCash accounts.

How can I play Bingo in BingoPlus?

It’s the same as regular old bingo, except that each game is over in about ten minutes. Bingo Mega and Bingo Rush are the two game variations available right now.

The standard bingo card size of 5 by five squares is used in Bingo Mega, and the number of balls pulled is 49. In Bingo Rush, the card size is reduced to 5 by 3, and the number of balls remains constant at 40. In addition, you can purchase cards following the type of odds you wish to wager on, such as patterns or other things. You can also buy the balls you need to play Bingo Rush, boosting your chances of coming out on top.

You can see as your balls are selected during the game because the lottery is broadcast live online.

In Bingo Mega, if you wager on Extra Patterns, you can win additional prizes based on the patterns you’ve collected throughout the game. These partial winnings are determined by the ways you’ve collected. It is impossible to win the Jackpot prize once 44 balls have been selected from the hat. The Bingo phase is where the Bingo game winners will be picked from. This phase begins after the first 44 balls have been pulled and continue until the 49th ball is drawn.

You can bet on Extra Patterns, the Jackpot, and Bingo at the same time, and the values of individual cards range from 10 pesos up to 100 pesos. If you increase the amount you bet, the earnings will also be multiplied depending on the price rise you’ve opted to apply to each card.

You also have the option to purchase cards that cost Php 5, but you should be aware that these cards can only be used to compete for the Bingo and Jackpot prizes.


BingoPlus is a platform that enables users to play bingo games online that are monetized by using either the website, the app, or GLife. The process of opting in is simple since you can use your GCash to deposit and withdraw money after placing bets. In addition, it is optional to go to bingo parlors to participate in gaming activities.