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Football Betting Guide What Are Booking Points in Football Betting

Football Betting Guide: What Are Booking Points in Football Betting?

Football Betting Guide What Are Booking Points in Football Betting

Betting on football offers many markets. Many are plain and easy to understand, while others are more complex.

Booking points are an example of the latter kind of game since the rules governing how it is played unclear.

There is little question that you are familiar with the functioning of yellow and red cards, and you may have even placed the occasional bet on a player receiving a card; nevertheless, while booking points fall into the same general category, they are not the same thing at all.

After reading this concise tutorial, you will have a complete understanding of booking points and all of the information there is to know about them.

While it is likely to be something other than a market that you participate in on a particularly regular basis, some football events may provide a compelling opportunity to do so.

How Do You Figure Out Your Booking Points Total?

Keeping track of booking points can be done without a very strong understanding of mathematics on your behalf. A yellow card produces ten points, while a red card produces twenty-five points. This makes the mechanics of the game extremely easy to understand. Hence, if there is one red card and three yellow cards in fun, the total would be ten plus 10 plus 10 plus 25. This would bring the total up to 55. You merely need to pay attention to a few supplementary guidelines that have been included. The final tally will not include the number of cautions received during an extra time (the whole 30 minutes of spare time, not injury time). This is the usual operating procedure for all football bets unless otherwise specified.

Only points that are displayed to players who are actively participating in the game will be counted. There is no record of a member of the coaching staff being issued a card, nor is there any record of a replacement player who has either already left the field or has yet to enter it. If a player is issued a red card after receiving two yellow cards, the points they would have received for the second yellow card are not credited. Instead of receiving 45 points for their first warning, a player will earn 10 points and 25 points for their second caution, for 35 points rather than 45. (or indeed 20).

What are the Rules for Betting on Booking Points?

You will typically have the opportunity to bet within a certain range, or over/under a specific number of points, rather than having to try to guess the exact number of booking points that will occur during a match. This contrasts with thinking of the actual number of issues that will be accrued.

The following are a few possibilities, beginning with the most typical configuration, which consists of having three different ranges accessible and the point total comprising cards from both sides.

Under 15 booking points11/8
15 to 35 booking points5/4
40+ booking points

Yet, another common practice is to wager more than a predetermined sum. It is possible to bet under certain bookmakers, although this kind of bet is less common and less likely to be offered.

Notice that each cutoff point is inclusive; therefore, a winner is determined by having 20 or more booking points, even if there are precisely 20 points.

20+ booking points4/7
30+ booking points13/8
40+ booking points7/2
50+ booking points7/1
60+ booking points16/1
70+ booking points33/1

The last two examples consider the total card points earned by both teams; however, if you’d prefer to concentrate on only one of the two teams, you are free to do so.

Just choose either the home or the away team and attempt to predict the number of points they will achieve or exceed.

10+ England booking points6/5
20+ England booking points6/1
30+ England booking points25/1
40+ England booking points100/1
50+ England booking points200/1

Last but not least, certain sportsbooks will allow you to choose the side that you believe will emerge from the game, having accumulated the most points.

It is not important how much of a “victory,” if you can even call it that; the only thing that matters is that there be a clear victor.

If there is none, the only way for you to emerge victorious is if you bet on a draw.

San Marino most booking points2/5
Tied booking points11/4
England most booking points8/1

What Is The Typical Amount Of Booking Points?

It might be difficult for someone new to this market to determine whether a wager is an excellent value for money. Hence, before you take a chance, knowing how many booking points are observed in an ordinary match is good. Keeping this statistic in mind gives you a better overall feel of what a good result between two teams is.

One thousand sixty-nine yellow cards, 15-second yellow cards, and 33 straight red cards were issued during the 2020/21 Premier League season. A simple calculation shows that this equates to an average of 31.3 points each game. The standard for the same year in La Liga was substantially higher at 46.8 than in Serie A at 45.6. With the English Championship average of 31.4, English referees are more forgiving than their continental counterparts.

What Factors Should I Consider While Betting on Booking Points?

For those still interested in the booking points market, it may benefit certain bettors. Those that do their study often fare the best since this is the greatest method to find excellent value in the market. There are usually a few factors to consider before betting, not only the league averages mentioned above, which need to be more generic. Referee statistics are an important factor to examine and are widely accessible online. Some officials are much more eager to brandish a card (or three) than others, resulting in significant disparities even within the same league.

Even with the more relaxed Premier League referees from the 2020/21 season, the average amount of yellow cards issued per game was 2.88, with Paul Tierney at the top of the scale on 3.9 and the card-shy Lee Mason at the bottom on 1.82. Mason did not issue a red card in the 11 games he was in charge of, but Graham Scott did in only two more. His 0.33 red card per game average was slightly higher than Mike Dean’s, who gave eight players an early bath in 25 outings.

There are also significant disparities between clubs within the same league, often related to their performance. Why? Because defending increases your chances of receiving a card, and the poorest clubs in the league protect the most. If a yellow was for one point, a double yellow was worth three points, and a red was worth five points, the three top scorers in the 20/21 Premier League season were all demoted. Sheffield United, the league’s worst team, finished the season with almost twice the amount of cards as Fair Play leaders Liverpool.

It would be best if you also looked over verified team lineups. Teams that regularly pick up cards usually do so because they have one or a few players who are card magnets. Pasquale Schiattarella has 14 yellow cards in 29 games for Benevento in Serie A (20/21). Benevento had eight yellow cards on his squad; therefore, he was easily their greatest yellow card danger. Whether or not he played would affect the potential worth of different booking points markets.

Finally, you should evaluate the match’s context. A contest towards the end of the season in which neither club has anything to play for is less likely to see tempers boil than a mid-season rivalry match. Since no love is lost between the two teams, the north London derby, for example, is excellent for cards. When we look at their previous eight encounters, the average booking point is 64.8. This is much above average for both sides, who often seem to lose their cool in the noisy derby environment.

Of course, the bookmakers will be aware of this information and will include them in their odds. Yet, with a little study, you may get an advantage against certain bookmakers, particularly in more esoteric sports about which they are less knowledgeable.