Golf Betting Guide What are the Top ‘X’ Betting In Golf

Golf Betting Guide: What are the Top ‘X’ Betting In Golf

Golf Betting Guide What are the Top ‘X’ Betting In Golf

In golf, backing a player in the outright market, either to win or each way, is unquestionably the most common type of wager. In this kind of bet, you choose just one player out of the entire field, so you must rely on a healthy helping of luck for your wager to pay off. A 72-hole match bet is another popular type of wager in golf. In this type of bet, you back the performance of one player against that of just one player.

The markets that we will be looking at here will be somewhere in the middle of those two. This is also a bet on a single player throughout the tournament; however, in this case, you are backing that person to come out on top among a certain group of other players. You could see this referred to as “Tournament Group Betting” in some instances, particularly in the rules governing wagers.

There are various bets in the “Top X” style, each with its unique selection of groups the bookmakers offer. Listed below are some of the most frequent ones:

  • Top American Player – is a wager on which American players will complete the competition in the top position on the leaderboard.
  • Top European Player – a wager of this nature often includes players from the United Kingdom, whereas “Top Continental European Player” would exclude them.
  • Top Irish Player – in situations where Top UK Player is also an option, this normally does not include Northern Ireland; however, in cases where Top British Player is also an option, it may consist of Northern Ireland.
  • Top English Player – this category needs no explanation; nonetheless, players represent various other nations at the most prestigious competitions, including Spanish, Swedish, Australian, etc.
  • Top Lefty – Which golfer who hits left-handed shots will be the most successful?
  • Top Previous Winner – This category determines which former champion of the competition will rank the highest.

Be aware that not all bookmakers will provide you with access to all of these alternatives; the options falling into categories such as top US, European, and UK or British are the ones that are most likely to be available to you. On the other hand, certain bookies may provide you with a selection of additional group alternatives. Betting websites are constantly competing to discover who can offer the strangest and most fantastic bets; hence, you may see the “Top” market offered on virtually any demographic that can be identified.

‘Top X’ Betting Rules

As is the case with tournament match bets, all you need to do is choose the individual player within that group who, in your opinion, will perform the best. If you need clarification, contact the bookmaker by contacting their customer care team. This is the case with many of the odd markets that are currently available.

Nevertheless, the most important thing to remember is that when you click on a category, such as “Top Irish Player,” the bookmaker will include all of those players in the pool and offer them as viable alternatives. This means that if Rory McIlroy isn’t there, this site isn’t including any other players from Northern Ireland because he is the most well-known of them (they may have made a mistake, of course, or Rory may have withdrawn).

No matter which group you choose to bet on, all of the possibilities in terms of the players who are featured will be presented. Because of this, you should have a very good idea of which competitors your selection has to do better than. Tattersalls Rule 4 is another aspect of horse racing that must be considered (c). You will receive a refund on your investment if the player you choose does not participate or withdraws before reaching the first tee of the round. Rule 4 dictates that if another player does not start the game and your selection wins, you will be paid at a reduced rate, the amount of which will depend on the odds of the player (or players) that did not start the game. Losers will be determined for any players who quit the competition after it has already begun or who are found to be ineligible.

Suppose we ignore the extremely remote possibility that tournaments would be shortened, postponed, or canceled entirely. In that case, players only need to remember the chance that more than one of them may finish in joint first place in this market. Dead heat regulations will be applied if two individuals from the same group, Europeans or Americans (or any other group within whom you have placed a wager), finish tied for first place.

Suppose you bet on Dustin Johnson to win the title of Top American Player, and Justin Thomas and Dustin Johnson tied for second place behind Jon Rahm, according to the regulations for a dead heat. In that case, you will only earn half of your wager and lose the other half.

One circumstance in which this rule does not apply is when there is a tie for first place on the leaderboard. In this circumstance, the wager will be resolved based on the official outcome of the competition, which is normally determined by a playoff. Most bookies will decide based on which player had the best total after the first two rounds of play in the improbable case that no players from a particular group made the cut.


There is no real advice specific to this market that does not also apply to betting on the outright winner because, in essence, this bet is the same as betting on the outright winner but with a reduced hypothetical field. Given that the scope of the area is less overwhelming, you should be able to conduct a more in-depth examination. Smaller markets might only have a few participants, in contrast to more competitive ones like the United States or Europe, which might have many participants.

In this particular situation, directly comparing the course forms and any other relevant statistics is easier. One of the players in the group may be ranked significantly higher than the others, making them the clear favorite to win. If, on the other hand, their game could be more suited to the course that is being utilized and one of the members of the group with a lower ranking has a fantastic record there, there may be some actual value in taking on the favorite.

Which Kind of Odds Does This Market Provide?

The number of participants who fit into a particular segment of the market might have a significant impact on the probabilities. On the PGA Tour, where most tournaments feature a very high percentage of American competitors, the odds in the Top American market will be similar to those in the main outright need. The chances on the favorite are likely to be slightly better, perhaps around 6/1, while the long shots have odds in the triple digits.

If, on the other hand, you want to place a wager on Top Lefty, for instance, there may be three or four players available for you to select from. In this market, the odds will naturally be significantly lower than in others, ranging from 2/1 for the favorite to 6/1 for the least regarded member of the four left-handers in the field.

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