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Online Sabong Your Ultimate Guide to Virtual Cockfighting

Online Sabong: Your Ultimate Guide To Virtual Cockfighting

Online Sabong Your Ultimate Guide to Virtual Cockfighting

Online Sabong is a traditional cockfighting activity that the people of the Philippines love dearly. This sport has been a favorite activity of Filipinos for over 3,000 years, and it is acknowledged as part of Philippine culture.

Sabong is performed in real-life gladiatorial-styled cockfighting stadiums, with an adrenaline-charged audience watching and rooting for their favorite cock fighters. However, the COVID-19 pandemic limited the number of individuals who could attend these battles at live venues. However, the epidemic also generated a rapidly expanding trend in e-Sabong. This comprehensive online Sabong guide will teach you everything you need to know about this e-sport.

What is Online Sabong?

It is the online counterpart of the well-known traditional Sabong cockfighting leisure activity. Online Sabong live is a real-life, continuous event in which you may place real-money wagers on whether two roasters will win an organized fight. You place your bets after registering with an authorized Sabong international betting site. If the outcome is favorable, you will win money based on your wager amount and the odds.

Two cocks are placed in an arena and forced to fight in real-time until one cock wins, either by knocking out their opponent or killing them. Sabong may appear brutal, and animal rights activists may even challenge its legality, but it is legal in the Philippines.

PAGCOR Approved Online Sabong Live Operators

Andrea Domingo, the chairperson of the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (also known as PAGCOR), stated that only a few eGaming companies were permitted to operate legally as online Sabong service providers. These entities are Belvedere Corp. by Bong Pineda and Lucky 8 Starquest by Atong Ang.

Lucky8 Starquest and Belvedere Corp. were able to obtain a gaming license to operate as e-Sabong providers after meeting stringent service conditions and paying a Php 75 million PAGCOR performance surety. According to the Chairman of PAGCOR, e-Sabong is lawful so long as prospective operators comply with all licensing provisions and requirements.

The E-Sabong Licensing Department, or ESLD, processes and issues licenses. The ESLD is a specialized department within PAGCOR that oversees, regulates, and issues licenses for all e-Sabong activities in the Philippines. The ESLD also regulates off-site wagering on cockfighting matches in real-time and the online broadcast of such events. The stringent PAGCOR online Sabong live licensing procedure prevents unscrupulous online casino wagering sites from the Philippines and abroad from abusing the traditional cockfighting sport.

How to Play Online Sabong?

The Online Sabong rules are similar to the traditional version. You only need to wager on three odds: Win (Meron), Draw, or Lose (Wala) in the Philippines. However, before playing Sabong online, you must locate an online sports betting site or Sabong software for free download that offers this type of wagering. However, before we disclose where you can watch and play Sabong matches, there are a few key considerations you should make before playing online.

Tips When Playing Sabong Live Online

Some factors determine the probabilities of every e-Sabong match or event. Generally, the odds are displayed before each game to indicate the bookmakers’ predictions. These statistics are frequently determined by bookmakers after taking the following factors into account, among others:

Weight of Rooster: The weight of the roosters involved in a battle is a crucial factor, as lighter cocks tend to have an advantage over heavier roosters.

The reputation of the Owner and Trainer: The reputation of the owner and trainer of a rooster can affect the probabilities. Owners and trainers with dubious reputations are more likely to have roosters with favorable odds than those with a solid reputation.

When determining the odds for a particular Sabong match, the experience of the rooster’s proprietors and trainers is considered. When their cocks are scheduled to combat those of inexperienced trainers, trainers with years of experience typically have a greater chance of victory.

Before placing any online bets on Sabong, you should always investigate the rooster’s weight and the reputation and experience of the proprietors and trainers. Thus, you will have a greater chance of winning your wagers more frequently than losing.

Where Can I Watch and Play Sabong Live Online?

In Pitmasters, a GLife application under GCash, users can watch and play Sabong in real-time online. However, before you can wager on e-Sabong matches, you need an online registration with Pitmasters Sabong. The next step is to fund your gaming account with a minimum of Php 100, the minimum wagering sum for a live Sabong match.

After logging into Sabong online, clicking “Play” will take you to a WPC online Sabong live gaming site where you can observe ongoing Sabong matches and events. Then, you may proceed to wager on any available wagering options for your desired Sabong match. You are limited to a maximum wager of Php 20,000 per match.

Online Sabong Payment with GCash

GCash is a mobile micropayment service that lets you use a safe virtual bank to pay for Sabong matches and events on Pitmasters Live. GCash supports cash transfers that are safe, secure, quick, easy, and seamless.

You can use the Pitmasters Live online Sabong app through GCash’s GLife feature, which has a number of partner stores. But before you can start betting on e-Sabong matches in Pitmasters, you must first be verified under the strict KYC procedure of GCash, which the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas or BSP requires. Before you can use GCash, you must be at least 21 years old.

After proving your age, you can add money to your GCash account. Then you can go to the GLife feature and click Pitmasters Live in the “Gaming” area. This will take you to a list of e-Sabong fight schedules with their start times.

After signing up for Pitmasters and making an account, you will need to add money to your Pitmasters Live betting account before you can start betting on the Sabong match or event of your choice. Click the “top-up” button on your online Sabong GCash app. For every “top-up” point you click, Php 1.00 will be taken out of your GCash account and put into your Pitmasters Sabong gaming account.

If you win a Sabong bet, the money will be sent to your GCash account after you take the money from your Pitmasters GLife app. If you want, you can move the funds from your GCash account to your local bank account. If you bet and win in a Sabong game, the most you can take out is Php 200,000, and the most you can take out in one transaction is Php 100,000. Note that PAGCOR has fully licensed the GCash app.

Talpakan: What Is It?

Talpakan is a third-party organization that promotes and advertises e-Sabong matches and events on PAGCOR-licensed e-Sabong betting sites in exchange for commissions garnered through a well-structured referral system.

You can access PAGCOR-approved e-Sabong websites via the online Talpakan. Talpakan Live enables you to join the leading Filipino e-Sabong sites where you can wager on Livestream cockfights 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You have access to safe, secure, and quick deposit and withdrawal options and can place e-Sabong wagers from anywhere.

In addition, online Talpakan Sabong is compatible with most desktop and mobile platforms, such as desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. You can obtain the desktop or mobile app of an e-Sabong site from Talpakan online Sabong or wager on e-Sabong matches through your web browser.


Sabong is a traditional Filipino cockfighting event that is extremely popular. With PAGCOR licensing betting sites where Filipinos can securely and conveniently wager on current Sabong matches and derby events, online Sabong has grown in popularity. GCash is a multiplatform payment service that enables real-time wagering on e-Sabong tournaments and events via Pitmasters Live’s GLife feature. Before the commencement of the cockfight, wagers can be placed based on the odds for each game.

Numerous factors, including the weight of the roosters and the reputation and experience of the owners and trainers, determine these odds. E-Sabong is an exciting event worthy of your time if you wish to wager real money and appreciate cockfighting in the Philippines. Visit Online Betting Games PH for more information on Sabong betting, GCash, and related topics, and start wagering today. It offers numerous casino activities and sports betting options for Filipino gamblers. Do not neglect to take advantage of the available promotions.