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The Best Basketball Betting Sites in the Philippines

The National Basketball Association (NBA), consisting of clubs from North America and Canada, is often considered the greatest basketball league in the world. As a result, the game of basketball has become virtually synonymous with the NBA. You may find a comprehensive overview of the NBA by reading the page we have dedicated to it, and you can look through our NBA picks section to find the top advice on betting on basketball.

This guide provides all you need to know about betting on basketball online, including information on the many sorts of bets, recommendations to help you benefit from betting on the fast-paced sport, and many more. You can find all of this information on this page. You will learn about the top basketball betting sites for local and regional events, the NBA and the FIBA Basketball World Cup. These sites cover all levels of basketball, from youth to professional.






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A Beginner's Introduction to Basketball Betting

Basketball fans have access to a wide variety of betting options and markets, and most basketball games outside North America follow the same two-way betting structure as those played in North America. The bet stands regardless of whether the game goes into overtime or not (unless anything else is specified), and the most common betting markets are the spread, totals, and moneyline:

Spread betting (sometimes known as “spreads”)

The spread is comparable to an Asian handicap in that one side will be granted a points ‘headstart,’ and the other team will be given a points ‘deficit’ in the game. Bookmakers provide odds that are generally equivalent to one another due to this ability to create a level playing field between the two sides.

Let’s look at an example from the EuroLeague, where Real Madrid is now competing against CSKA Moscow. The following presentation of the spread and the odds is given:

CSKA Moscow -3.5 –110
Real Madrid +3.5 –110

In this scenario, CSKA Moscow must win by a margin of at least four points to cover the spread of -3.5. In contrast, regarding the odds now available on the betting market, Real Madrid will have an additional +3.5 points added to their total when the game ends. As a result, the wager is considered successful if Real Madrid suffers a defeat of no more than two points.


Total Betting

The totals market consists of a straightforward wager on the total number of points that both competing teams will score in the game. Your bookmaker will establish a points line, and you can place a wager on whether or not the final score will be higher than or lower than that line. Bets on whether the total will go over or under will be commonplace among European gamblers.

The following is an expression of the total line as well as the odds for the same match:

Over 168.5 -110
Under 168.5 –110


Moneyline Betting

The moneyline is another type of two-way market that requires you to predict who will win the game. Choose either “home” or “away” from the two options.

The following are the odds according to the moneyline for CSKA Moscow’s match against Real Madrid:

CSKA Moscow -170
Real Madrid +150

As can be seen, CSKA is the team with the best odds of winning the match, while Real Madrid has odds that are significantly worse since they are the underdog. If you think the underdog will win, it is advisable to bet on the spread and hope they win easily to enhance your odds of winning. Nevertheless, if you think the favorite will win, betting on the moneyline can pay off handsomely if you think the underdog will pull off the upset.

Features of the Top Basketball Betting Sites

After looking into hundreds of online basketball betting sites that gladly welcome players from the MENA area, we concluded that the sites mentioned above are far above the others. Throughout the process of our in-depth study, we found that these online sports betting sites not only exceeded but also surpassed our very high expectations.

While looking for the finest places to bet on basketball, some of the numerous aspects that we take into consideration include the following:

Licensed and Reliable

licensed and reliable

Our seal of approval is granted just on basketball betting websites with a superb industry reputation. The Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) is the regulatory agency granting these websites their complete licenses. It is anticipated that licensed betting sites will sustain high standards of quality. You will not run into any issues receiving payments, and it will not be difficult to set up safeguards for your account, such as deposit restrictions.

Competitions and Leagues

leagues and competition

Every single online sportsbook takes bets on the National Basketball Association (NBA) and the FIBA Basketball World Cup. On the other hand, it may be more challenging to track websites that cover basketball leagues and tournaments in the Philippines. It gives us great pleasure to inform you that the Philippine Basketball League (PBA) is covered by the basketball betting sites that we highly recommend.

Multiple Betting Markets

multiple betting market

There is much more to betting on basketball than selecting the victorious side. The online betting companies on this page give odds on various outcomes, including the total number of points scored in a match and the total number of rebounds a player will make. Fans of NBA betting will also be glad to find that some bookies take wagers on the recipients of significant prizes, such as Kobe Bryant being named the Most Valuable Player of the All-Star Game.

Mobile compatibility

mobile compatibility

The top online betting sites for basketball all have attractive mobile applications compatible with the most recent versions of Android and iOS-powered devices. Even if these applications only take up a little space in your device’s storage, we recognize that some of you won’t want to download any software. You may log in with any web browser and place bets anytime you desire, thanks to the widespread use of HTML5 technology across online sportsbooks in recent years.

How to Place Bets on Basketball Online

If this is your first time betting online, don’t worry; we’ll walk you through the process step by step. Counting to three is all you need to do to get started betting on basketball or any other sport. We have compiled a detailed tutorial with each step clearly labeled to demonstrate how simple it is for you to wager on a basketball game. After quickly making a wager on the game, you’ll be able to see it all unfold on the court in a matter of minutes if you follow the five steps that we’ve detailed below.

basketball betting

How to Place Bets on Basketball in Five Simple Steps

1. Sign up with one of the online basketball betting sites that we have recommended.

2. Go to the banking section, and then proceed to make your first deposit.

3. Go to the basketball area and choose a competition to participate in.

4 You may add an option to your betting slip by clicking on the odds and adding it.

5. Choose the amount of money that you would want to wager, then click the Confirm button.

The Most Popular Types of Basketball Bets

You may know the difference between an alley-oop and a slam dunk, but are you aware of the many basketball bets that can be placed at online sportsbooks?

Putting money on who will win a basketball game is one of the simplest forms of gambling. But, to properly maximize your earnings from betting on basketball, you need to understand how other types of bets operate and what has to take place for you to emerge victorious.


From a betting point of view, handicap betting lines aim to provide an equitable playing field. If there is a discernible gap in the level of play between two teams and the odds could be more appealing, this is the kind of wager you should place. Bookmakers use a handicap line to give the underdogs an advantage going into the game. This indicates that you still have the opportunity to make a profit from the underdogs losing. If you wager on the favorites, the margin of victory for those favorites must be greater than the line that the bookmakers have established.


Why not wager on the total number of points scored in the game if it will be a low-scoring or high-scoring game? Bookmakers will estimate how many points will be scored by both sides combined and then take bets on whether the total number of points will be more or fewer than their prediction. If you're just there to watch the game without taking sides, this is an excellent bet to place. Whether you wager over or under, the only thing that will matter to you is whether or not there are made shots or missed shots.


The betting chances presented by point races are another compelling example. To win this bet, you must forecast which team will reach a certain point total first. When the statistics show that a team gets off to a fast start, betting on that team is a good idea, particularly if the data for the other team suggest the opposite about them. Bets may be placed on which team will be the first to achieve 10, 20, or 50 points on the finest basketball betting websites.


Bets on individual performances in basketball leagues played in the Philippines are often not accepted by betting websites. On the other hand, player specials are among the most popular wagering options in the NBA. You can place a wager on the amount of points, rebounds, or assists a certain player will make throughout a game. These intriguing wagers will have you on the edge of your seat each time the player you have placed a bet has possession of the ball.

Basketball Betting Strategies to Increase Your Chances

It would be a good idea to share some recommendations with you in the hopes that they can assist you in making a profit from betting on basketball. Watching the lightning-fast action on the court may improve your chances of generating a profit by reading these recommendations and putting them into practice in your future wagers.

Head-to-Head Competition

Checking the head-to-head record between teams may seem straightforward, but many sports bettors need to remember to do their research. You can determine which team has had the greatest success by looking at primary game outcomes and data. Would you bet on a club with odds of 2.00 if they hadn’t won a single game in their previous 20 games? No, we didn’t believe so. Before you wager, always look at primary outcomes.

Schedules for Travel

Basketball players, no matter how fit they are, are simply human. Teams often play a large number of games in a short period of time, and exhaustion may play a big role in the result of a game. Consider Al Hilal of Saudi Arabia playing Al Ahli in Jeddah, then traveling to Al Qaţf for a match against Al Salam barely two days later. The players would have traveled 2,323.4 kilometers. Will they be too exhausted to provide a winning performance?

Injuries and Load Management

Before betting on basketball games, always verify injury reports and starting lineups. Imagine betting on the Los Angeles Lakers to find out that LeBron James is injured and unable to participate. Will the other players be able to compensate for his points, or should you support the other team? Another critical element is load control. If a team builds a large lead, they may rest their best player for the next game.

Reliance on three-point shots

Understanding how a team scores the majority of its points might provide you with a significant edge when betting on basketball. You should be careful if the team depends heavily on a 3-point shooter who scores most of their points from beyond the arc. If he is injured, who will replace those points? What if he becomes cold and disappears? Instead, back basketball teams that can score on any given play.


Sign up for an account at one of our recommended basketball betting sites. After making your initial deposit, go to the basketball area and choose the event you want to wager on. Make a selection on your betting slip, confirm your stake, and then sit back and enjoy the game.

Yes. Our top sports betting sites provide large sign-up bonuses to new players. Some sites will give you a free wager just for signing up, while others will increase your amount after you make your first deposit. You may then wager on basketball games with your bonus.

An over/under bet is one in which you guess whether the result will be greater or lower than the bookmaker’s line. Assume the total points line is set at 135.5 points. Under requires both teams to score 135 points or fewer, while over requires 136 points or more.