The Beginners Guide To FIBA World Cup Betting

The Beginners Guide To FIBA World Cup Betting

The Beginners Guide To FIBA World Cup Betting

The FIBA World Cup Betting will be one of the most exciting basketball competitions that you have the opportunity to can watch. It has some of the most popular games that fans will like, giving bettors the option to cast their bets and win significant rewards.

One of the most risky but potentially successful moves is to bet on the FIBA Basketball World Cup. This tournament has some of the best players in the world. This competition has many teams from various nations, all of whom are competing fervently with the expectation of taking home the championship trophy. Because of this, when you bet on basketball, you should strive to get the most significant victories within your reach.

What does the acronym FIBA stand for when it comes to basketball?

The International Basketball Federation (FIBA) is recognized as the leading basketball organization on a global scale. It is a French abbreviation for the International Basketball Federation, also known as the Fédération Internationale de Basketball. On the other hand, the acronym IBF is not used nearly as often.

The organization established the FIBA Basketball Globe Cup, which quickly led to a significant increase in the number of countries competing in the tournament. These nations are eager to demonstrate that they can produce significant victories while competing against the world’s greatest teams.

The dominance that FIBA has in the basketball world

The world’s top basketball teams compete in FIBA tournaments. Every four years, countries around the globe have the opportunity to demonstrate their best athletes by sending their national teams to compete in an international tournament. FIBA achieved greater success than most leagues today, and the fact that it is connected to the Games further elevates it to the status of a significant tournament.

For those curious about “what is the FIBA World Cup as a competition,” the answer is that it is a higher level of competition than any domestic league and comes after the Olympic Games. Because of this, the champions of each FIBA World Cup are automatically granted a spot in the next year’s Games without having to do anything more.

The FIBA is the benchmark for basketball

The International Basketball Federation (FIBA) challenges every national basketball team to play at their highest level, particularly when the groups compete for the right to be crowned the greatest in the world. The competition’s regulations have also evolved over the years, and many well-known players claim that it is now more challenging than the leagues in which they compete.

The tournament was also a significant factor in the spread of basketball’s popularity around the globe. Since of this, FIBA is often regarded as the new gold standard in basketball, particularly since it gives players from non-professional leagues the opportunity to flourish on a more prominent platform. National teams frequently include players not competing in the most popular championships.

Tournament structure

If you are curious about “how the FIBA World Cup works?” the answer is that it is similar to other international tournaments in that it has 80 teams playing. FIBA has decided to host the qualifying matches to reduce the number of teams competing to the final 32.

The FIBA World Cup will be played out over four phases, much like the 2019 edition. The FIBA Basketball World Cup qualifying rounds are held many years before the final competition to streamline the elimination process. After this, there will be the Knockout Stage, the Final Knockout Stage, and finally, the FIBA World Cup final.

If you are wondering, “How long is a FIBA basketball game?” the answer is the same for most basketball leagues, which is four quarters of activity. In a game of basketball, there are four quarters, each of which lasts for 12 minutes, plus there is an extra period of five minutes that is played if the first four quarters are not sufficient to choose a victor.


At this year’s World Cup, there will be a total of 80 teams competing for 32 spots in the semifinals and finals. Both Japan and the Philippines qualified for the FIBA World Cup Qualifiers on December 9, 2017, which ensures that both countries will have a chance to compete in the tournament hosted in their respective countries. The qualification draw was done in August of 2021, and the competition is now in progress.

Regional qualifiers are conducted in each of FIBA’s four regions, and each of these areas is allotted a certain number of slots to be used in the formation of the final 32 teams that will compete in the second qualifying round to select the last eight teams that will advance to the knockout tournament. Because of this, the qualifiers are a particularly challenging stage of the campaign, and betting on them at the FIBA World Cup is a smart move.

The winners of the first round will go on to the second round of qualifiers and will be placed into four groups, each consisting of four teams.

Knockout Stage

As soon as the main draw is over, the Knockout Stage is produced by splitting the teams into four groups of two teams each. This stage is most often referred to as the Quarterfinals. On separate days, these teams will compete against one another to determine who will go on to the semifinals, also called the Final Knockout Stage.

In the 2019 competition, five teams from Europe moved to the next round, while Australia, the United States of America, and Argentina represented FIBA Oceania and FIBA Americas, respectively. Since the countries that won are now in a position to compete for the title once more, there are a lot of expectations placed upon them.


The FIBA World Cup comprises the last four teams in the semifinal round. The winning teams will now continue to the final. However, the teams eliminated from the competition will be given one more opportunity to play for a chance at the third and fourth places after the competition.

Additionally, after the Knockout Stage, two additional final brackets will take place simultaneously during the Final Knockout Stage. These will determine the order of finish for places 5th through 8th in the tournament.


The FIBA Basketball World Cup Final in 2023 will be the most important stage of the whole championship. Compared to the early rounds of the tournament, the final is believed to be where the majority of the FIBA World Cup betting is known to be heated due to the stakes being considerably larger than ever.

The last game of the 2019 edition of the Naismith Trophy, played between Spain and Argentina, was a great drama for many fans. It was a game to remember since it took spectators for a tight ride until the Spanish team came away with a victory by a score of 95-75 to finish out the competition. Spain took home the trophy.

When is FIBA World Cup

The FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023 qualifiers began in February 2020 and will ensue until February 2023. 

The FIBA World Cup is set to be played from August 25, 2023, to September 10, 2023. This is the main competition proper, with the last 32 teams being drawn into the group stage after the main draw in March 2023 in Manila, Philippines.

How many teams qualify for FIBA World Cup

The FIBA World Cup allows 213 confederations to join in the competition. There are 82 participating teams in the 2022 edition, which will be trimmed down to the final eight during the FIBA Basketball World Cup Qualifiers to begin the final round of the competition. 

Take note, though, that there are a lot of missing teams in the Qualifiers. South Korea, for instance, had to withdraw from the tournament due to its players testing positive for COVID-19 and had its appeal rejected. Despite having a high spot in the FIBA World Cup standings, Russia was banned from the tournament due to the country’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022. 

Teams to bet on in each FIBA region

FIBA regions have brought the best out of their countries in the past few years. These teams have been gunning for the biggest chance to win in the World Cup, and punters should note the top leading squads that can give them a win in their wagers.

FIBA Africa

African countries needed more luck in winning a top-eight spot in the previous edition. However, this region has three big teams to look out for, as they have performed well in the FIBA Basketball World Cup Qualifiers. South Sudan has led the way in the area with 12 points, going 6-0 in their first set of games.

On the other hand, Ivory Coast is a lone wolf in the region but looks to be a huge threat to the competition. The team finished with eight points on a 4-0 record, and they have been on the prowl in the past few games they have won.

FIBA America

There has been a huge shift in power for the FIBA Americas in the recent qualifiers. Canada remains the only team undefeated with a 6-0 record, good for 12 points. Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil, and the United States have a 5-1 record in six games. 

This shows the huge possibility of Canada now being the contender to look out for in the FIBA World Cup. Fans should be in for a ride en route to the second round of the Qualifiers as the contenders in this region look to come up with a slot in the tourney.

FIBA Asia/Oceania

The FIBA Asia Cup Qualifiers have merged with Oceania, meaning New Zealand and Australia are playing with Asian teams. Since Japan and the Philippines are qualified due to hosting rights, fans should look out for the two Oceania squads, which finished with an unbeaten record.

Since there are no FIBA Australia Qualifiers, the country showed they are not to be trifled with, going 6-0 in their stretch against Asian teams. New Zealand came out on top of the second-best record at 4-0, beating all its opponents without hassle.

FIBA Europe

There is yet to be another leading contender in Europe. So far, the FIBA Europe Qualifiers have turned out to be tight between many teams, with France, Germany, Finland, and Lithuania leading with a 5-1 record in their respective groups.

Defending champions, Spain is ranked third as of the time of writing in Group L. They have a 3-1 record with seven points so far. Slovenia has also been a surprise contender in the region after their recent success in the Tokyo Games and has kept the same momentum so far.

Betting markets to try in the FIBA Qualifiers

Online Betting Games PH allows you to bet on the biggest games in the FIBA Basketball World Cup. Betting on these basketball games is rewarding, so you should take advantage of your chance at winning huge prizes in the long run. This is why you should know how the betting markets work and maximize your wagers.

Winner bets

Winner bets are the most common markets that you can try in FIBA World Cup betting. This is quite simple; all you need to do is pick a team you think will be the winner. The score is not much of a concern, and it doesn’t even matter if the game also reaches multiple overtime.

For example, you can bet on the United States to win the game if you think that they are the better team in their game against Italy. Your bet will win if the game ends with the United States coming out triumphant, no matter how big the win is.

Game totals

Game totals are a good bet, especially if you know the playing teams well. This is a market where you are tasked with betting on the overall total score of the game of two groups combined. You may also bet on totals on different game stats, such as assists, rebounds, steals, blocks, and even field goals.

The final between Spain and Argentina ended at 95-75, 170 points. You can bet on the same number if you think the game will end similarly, but your wager will lose if it is too far from the actual total.


Handicaps are a good market for betting on FIBA Basketball World Cup. This market is used to level the FIBA World Cup betting odds between two playing teams, either squad with an unequally matched record or two contenders who are gunning for the top spot.

The best example is a game between Spain, the third overall for Group L in FIBA Europe, against the Netherlands, who have never won a single game in the same group. The Dutch squad receives a head start in points to start the game and has to win by more points than the set handicap. Spain, on the other hand, has to win the game less than the set handicap.

Correct score

Most FIBA betting tips will always recommend you go for the correct score. Guessing for the correct score between two teams is another challenging yet rewarding betting market that you can try. This is simply guessing the score by the end of the fourth quarter or final overtime of a game, which can be a good win if you manage to guess it right.

If you are betting on a top team such as Germany and Finland, it is best to consider a small yet tight scoring between them since they are good on both ends. Games between contenders and lowly teams are much easier to wager on since they are likelier to end with a lopsided score.

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